Monday, August 30, 2010



Its Raya Sale for everyone~!!!

valid till end of Ramadhan!!

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To view what shawl/inner/pashmina that still available go to here

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love & Leopard Collection

Everybody love the letter L.O.V.E right~How about the shape of it..?
Of course we love it right?
Not to mention Leopard print?

We give u both~

Model is wearing LL03 with inner IN11. Shawl and inner are sold separately

Model is wearing LL02 with inner IN02. Shawl and inner are sold separately

Model is wearing LL01 with inner IN11. Shawl and inner are sold separately.

LL01 -2 available
LL02 - 2 available
LL03(blue black) - 2 available

Grab now while it last!

Double Dot Collection

We can't get enough of polka dots!!

This is the reason why?
Model is wearing White01 with IN11. Shawl and inner are sold separately.

Model is wearing BlaTur01 with IN10. Shawl and inner are sold separately

Whiteo1 and Grey01 are cotton type of material and BlaTur01 is Mortada type of material~

White01 - sold out
Grey01 - 1 available
BlaTur01 - 2 available

Grab it while it last!

Pakistani Hijab Collection Re-Stock!

Salam sister~

Sorry for M.I.A from blogger world lately~
Been focusing on our site in Facebook. You can visit us there~

Well,Pakistani Hijab has become a current hot selling!
So we decided to re-stock with more colors~

So here it is~

Model is wearing PH12 and IN17

Shawl and inner are sold separately.

Model is wearing PH03 and IN11

Shawl and inner are sold separately

PH01(pink belacan) sold out
PH02(soft pink ) (1 available)
PH03(pink ) (1 available)
PH04(shocking pink ) (1 available)
PH05(merah) (1 available)
PH06(purple pink) (1 available 1 sold out)
PH07(blue grey) sold out
PH08(light blue) (1 available)

PH09(black) (2 available)
PH10(choc grey ) (1 available)
PH11(maroon ) (1 available)
PH12(green ) sold out
PH13(gold) sold out
PH14(light cream) sold out
PH15(white) (1 available)

What are you waiting for?

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Special post for my friend

My friend been asking me which inner is suitable for this mexican stripe collectionn..

so here it is..

Tutorial how to alter you hijab's inner!

Salam sister..~

Some of my friends ask how do i get non-flatten inner syria that i'm wearing like picture below.. p/s: ignore those chubby cheeks..

So, i made a pictorial tutorial on how to alter your inner's hijab..I hope you understand it~ Enjoy!!
Click picture for larger view~

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vibrant Me Pashmina Collection

Lovely vibrant colors of pashmina~
Who says you can imitate Yuna by wearing stripey pashmina only?
Try Vibrant Me Pashmina to colors your day~

1 pashmina for RM15 only!

Special Promotion price : Get 2 for RM13 each!!!!

VM01 (1 available)
VM02 (5 available)
VM03 (1 available)

Model wearing VM03

VM04 (2 available)
VM05 sold out
VM06 sold out

Model wearing VM05

Grab your here! While stock last~

Don't know how to wear pashmina?
Watch the tutorial here!

Syria Hijab Collection

Everybody loveeee instant hijab..
So we bring you, Syria Hijab with all types of pattern that suits your need~
Material = Lycra
1 hijab for RM25

Model wearing SH07 (1 available)

Model wearing SH06 (2 available)

(all only 1 available)

SH08 (2 available)

Grab now while it last! Order here

Mexican Stripe Collection

Mexican food?
How about Mexican Stripe for your hijab?
Material : Chiffon

1 shawl for RM10

Model wearing MS04 with IN01 . Shawl and inner sold separately.

Model wearing MS02 with IN03 . Shawl and inner sold separately.

MS01 (1 available 1 sold)
MS02 sold out
MS03 (1 booked 1 sold)
MS04 sold out

Order now here !

Polka Pop Collection

Retro is back!
Polka Dot never look better in hijab~
Material : Chiffon

Blackie (1 available)
RB (1 available 1 sold)
Reddie (2 available)
Pinkie (1 available)
Whitie (2 available)

Order now here

Colour Me Pop Collection

Everybody loves paddle pop ice-cream right?
Someone genius-ly invent this shades of colour to satisfied our need!

Each shawl RM10 each

CMP01 (1 available 1 sold)
CMP02 (1 available 1 sold)
CMP03 sold out

Order now here!

back to basic collection

We're back!

Everybody lovessss inner cotton syria right?
We have all shades of color that matches your hijab :)
Material : cotton

1 inner for rm8 each
3 inner for rm7 each !!!

IN01 (1 available 1 sold)
IN02 (2 available)
IN03 (sold out)
IN04 (sold out)
IN05 (sold out)
IN06 (1 available 1 sold)

IN07 (sold out)
IN08 (1 available, 1 sold)
IN09(sold out)
IN10 (3 available)

IN11 (1 available 4 sold)
IN12 (sold out)
IN13(sold out)
IN14 (sold out)
IN15 (1 available)

IN16 (1 available 1 sold)
IN17 (sold out)
IN18(sold out)
IN19 (sold out)
IN20 (2 available)
IN21 (sold out)
IN22 (2 available)

What are you waiting for?
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tutorial how to wear hijab

Salam sister..

Happy Ramadhan everyone..
Hope everyone is excited as I am to celebrated this Holy month~

I'm definitely gonna post all the shawl collection that I have as soon as tommorrow!!
But before that..
I hope this tutorial from stylecovered can show u how easy it is to wear hijab~. Big credit to stylecovered

Simple isn't it? all lovely sista out there..why wear instant hijab that can age you 5 yrs older if you can wear a stylish hijab right? >.<

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Opening soon!

Salam sister~
We are in the mid of waiting for our stock to come .We have the syria hijab, lovely shawls and inner syria that everybody love so much!

Love ya! XOXO